Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Tree is Down and Remembered Cries for Help

A Tree is Down and Remembered Cries for Help

A Chainsaw Stirs Up an Old Memory

Don’t you love a man who has tools and know how to use them! Double entendres aside, Charlie noticed a tree down in our pasture last week. It was in our “pine forest” and not easy to spot, far from the house.

I came along to make sure he didn’t overdo it and to call 911 if necessary. Chainsaws can be tricky sometimes

If we still had Charlie’s mule he would have gone exploring. Happy the goats didn’t decide there was a new climbing challenge for them!

This reminds me of a story. When we lived in NJ we were close to a highway. Living there the highway noise became a hum in the background you never really noticed.  However, if you really wanted to hear something, the sound could get in the way.

Charlie and I went outside together and I swore I heard someone yelling close by. I thought it was coming from the direction of our next door neighbors. It might have been coming from the woods across the street. It sounded urgent so we hopped in the car.

We drove quickly down our long driveway then slowly up our neighbors long driveway. He was a landscaper with a lot of heavy equipment alongside the tall privacy fence dividing our properties.

We looked left and right. Nothing. No one trapped under a bucket loader or under the wheels of a tractor! But the sound was still there! I got out of the truck. There it was again, “Help!” Not sure why but I looked up. There was our neighbor, Jimmy, 100 ft ahead of us dangling from a tree!

I ran as quickly as I could and found his ladder on the ground and placed it up against the tree. Meanwhile Charlie caught up and went right to the chain saw.  Jimmy had slipped. It fallen out of his grasp onto the ground right underneath Jimmy — and was still running!

Jimmy swung from his makeshift safety belt onto the ladder and climbed down from the tree. 
He was so relieved! He’d been dangling there for over 20 minutes. 

In a rush to do a last minute chore before running off, he hadn’t put on his full safety rigging for tree climbing and trimming. It was supposed to be a 5 minute job. One limb cut down and he’d be done. 

The belt he used caught him under the arms and trapped him right up against the tree.  If he tried to move his arms enough to grab a limb he’d fall out of the belt and onto the chainsaw. It was a miracle I happened to go outside when I did and actually hear his cries for help!

He didn’t plan on dangling over a running chain saw for 20 minutes hoping he wouldn't fall on it!

You don’t get many chances in life to feel heroic by taking physical action to help someone in danger. It’s a wonderful feeling!

You do get lots of chances to feel heroic in life. Stop and save that dog stranded along the side of the road. Be patient with an elderly person who may be slow or confused in a  situation and might need help. It might be as simple as helping them find a product in a grocery store.

Don’t let a bully get away with their actions. Do your homework, get all the facts and then stand by your convictions. Be a leader when needed. Don’t follow the crowd and nod your head yes along whith others when you don’t really understand why you are nodding yes.

Do your best in life to help others and always be “present” in a situation, physically and mentally. Be a true hero.

By Linda Vola

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