Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Selling our Horses and Draft Mule

After much thought, we made the difficult decision to stop riding. 

Time spent on care and maintenance has been difficult due to health issues for both of us.  Riding our horses is no longer an option. 

To be fair to our equines, we are going to sell them to someone who will ride them on a regular basis. They like getting out and going on the trails. If you know of anyone looking for a great mule or quarter horse for trail riding or a companion horse, let us know.  Here is some information on all 3 of our Equines: 

Stony is safe and fun for any level rider, great on trails, surefooted, unflappable, brave and reliable. He is the perfect husband horse. I took up riding in my 50's and am still pretty green in my 70's. Stony takes very good care of me on the trails. He's point and click: walk forward, left right stop, start. He's an easy ride.

Stony is a draft mule (Mammoth Jack Donkey dad and Belgian Draft mom), 15.1 hands, never had a medical issue, and is sturdy and strong. I am 6’5” and 235 lbs. He has taken me up and down hills with ease. He is Mr. Personality like a Labrador Retriever with hooves. About 18 yrs old. 

Ronnie Dunn is a 15.1 hand Grullo Buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding, about 16 yrs old.
He was owned by a young boy, a sight impaired woman and now a handicapped rider who only walked or trotted on trails.

He is easy to catch! He loves people and is happy to see us when we are out in the pasture with him or by the barn. He is gentle and kind with a natural reining instinct. He always tries to round up our goats and mini donkeys to safety when the other horses start playing. 

He is great on the trails. He has been ridden out alone to meet up with another rider and been good at going by other horses and barking dogs. He is often left unridden for months at a time and then ridden without issue. He does prefer to be with another rider. 

Vito is a rescue horse who came to us as part of group of starving horses Christmas 2011. We spent 6 months fattening him up and letting him just be a horse. Ray Wheeler of Wheeler Equestrian then evaluated him. After 90 minutes of ground work, walking over tarps, raincoat on his face, etc., Ray hopped up on him and Vito was fine. You can go CLICK HERE to see videos of his first lesson in 5 parts.

Vito has to earn your trust. While in his stall, put a lead line over his neck and then you can do anything to him. He will stand like a champ in cross ties and not move an inch. He has food issues so the other horses always let him go into his stall first or get to the hay first. Vito doesn't get ridden much. He is great on the trails with another horse. 

He loves Ronnie and the goats. No idea of his age. We've been told 15 to 25. He'd be a happy trail horse or a great companion to Ronnie or other horses. 

Vito will be free to the home that will love him, be patient with him and hopefully allow him some trail time, which he really enjoys. He will always be welcome back here.

If not, Vito will stay here with the goats and mini-donkeys and just hang in the pasture.

Our medical issues move us to sell our loved Stony, Ronnie and Vito but only to good homes.

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