Monday, December 18, 2017

A Candle in the Window

A Candle in the Window

By Jack Donohue December 2017

The holidays are a joyous time
A time to discard our inhibitions
To remember Christmas days of old
And to rekindle old holiday traditions

One hundred years or more ago
A fireplace was the center of family life
Everyone would gather close to it
The children, a husband and his wife

To promote that feeling of family
A candle was lit from the fire
And placed prominently in the window
For passersby to see, and to admire

The candle evoked warmth of family
Extended from those inside the home
It was a beacon to a weary traveler
Who might be outside, cold, and all alone

The candle might mean many things
As its flickering flame was shown
It might be a sign of good news, or 
So loved ones could find their way back home

But a candle was most welcome
During Christmas and through the New Year
It brightened the entire neighborhood
And it was as welcome as holiday cheer

But fireplaces have disappeared from daily life
And candle greetings have had noticeable attrition
But this season, let’s place a candle in our window

And keep alive this wonderful holiday tradition

Published by Linda Vola who received this creative Holiday gift along with many more poems over many years of friendship, from her buddy Dahoney

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