Monday, June 19, 2017

The Legacy of AT&T Defiled

I currently live in an area where cable and DSL are unavailable. AT&T fiber optics is on a main road less than 1.7 mi from my house. Our average AT&T billing is $700 a month (including Direct TV). Last month our bills were $917 due to overages. It would be higher but we have Verizon wireless cell phones as AT&T has lousy coverage in our area.
I have attempted to sign up for the unlimited plan for over a week. I spent hours online getting to dead end pages and error pages (I noted the pages in the website page feedback many, many times). I tried calling and got cutoff several times. Our overages kept adding up during this time frame.
My husband drove me to a store today- I am disabled and drive infrequently. We upgraded one of our devices to a AT&T Unite Explore hoping for a stronger signal and greater speed, even though your devices won’t pick up the expensive rooftop antennae we installed. I would have to buy another $300 device like my husband uses to achieve that goal.
The representative put us on an AT&T Unlimited Plus plan but could not backdate the plan to the beginning of our bill period. He told me I had to try to call in again tonight.
I tried calling and got cutoff, had promises made to have supervisors call me back twice and nothing has happened but again spending hours on the phone. I can give you the first names of all the reps I spoke with today.
Granted you can do a lot online when your website is working. However, you can’t get help with real issues there.
I have also had trouble with our AT&T landlines since moving here in 2008. For the past 6 or 8 months, repair has been out here an average of once a month. We lose both or one of our land lines, service comes and goes or we get loud buzzing on the line. It is NEVER in my house. It is always something on the road. They even installed bollards around the equipment on the corner of our connecting street, Boyd Pond Rd and Silver Bluff Rd to avoid the equipment being run over. Fiber optics runs along Silver Bluff Rd which is less than 1.7 miles, by road, from my property.
I would like the following:
1.    Credit on my account for AT&T Unlimited plus back to May 23, 2017 the start of my billing cycle. This was always your practice when a customer changed plans until more recently.
2.    Let me know if my landline service will ever improve (OK stop laughing)

3.    Let me know if I will ever get fiber optics in my lifetime – give or take 30 years. Boyd Pond Rd, my connecting street has copper cable starting at the other end of the road and it’s reached its limit. That is less than ½ mi from my property.
4.    Verification of my “free” HBO and notification as to when it kicks in with this plan. I already have it with Direct TV and need to change that plan accordingly. 
5.    Let me know how to contact someone at AT&T without getting cutoff, especially when being transferred to another AT&T group, or made promises of call backs that never happen.
I know it counts for nothing in the eyes of former Southwestern Bell employee, but I am an AT&T retiree with over 30 years of service with NJ Bell, AT&T Long Lines, AT&T, Lucent and 5 additional years with Avaya. I worked for many years in AT&T billing and Contract management with the SWB Team.
I’ve been to several past AT&T Call Centers and their standards and reps knowledge were quite different from that provided today. I’ve worked with repair and installation on business phone systems and even worked in a Central Office. Can you say “Operator.” It was a great summer job and helped put me through college.
I am not a complete idiot about phone service and what good service can be. I know I don’t have good phone service from AT&T. However, I feel like a prisoner who can’t be heard from deep within the recesses of my prison.

This above a letter I wrote to AT&T President Randall Stephenson while on the phone on hold with AT&T and while waiting for call backs from AT&T "Supervisors"

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