Friday, July 8, 2016



We, all of us, have a tendency to label groups based on the attention grabbing outliers instead of the mainstream masses.
In Dallas, the now deceased shooter said last night that he wanted to kill white police officers. This came on the heels of the deaths of two black men shot by white police officers. 
The Dallas snipers drew a straight line from those deaths to all white police officers. That logic is just as flawed as attributing the atrocities of any group of miscreants to an entire race, religion, nationality or ethnicity.
We, nor the outliers, can kill enough people to create peace. We can crush resistance for a short time but it will return bigger and bolder.
The only answer is to stop treating the masses as the outliers. Treat everyone as an individual, not blind to obvious signs of danger nor prejudiced by outlier actions.
This solution is less dramatic, creates less news content and may take years to achieve, but is the only way to a lasting peace.
This solution starts with you, the individual. You don’t need Congress to act nor for direction from your clergy. Just look at each person you see or meet as if they are part of the peaceful masses that share your hope for a better day tomorrow.
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Charlie Sharp 
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